Spot The Disaster: Israir Travel Agency

We’re doing something a little different today.  Let’s test those keen powers of observation and see how many of you can spot the problem with this image.


What do you think?  Was this intentional, or did someone get a little messy?

Thanks to the (presumably) lovely and talented Richard for sending this in.  The original is here.

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  • Nicole

    What this calendar lacks on days 9-11 he has more than enough on day from 5-7…..and a really weird stretch between days 14-18. I wouldn’t want to work on this calendar!!!

  • Chris Lamb

    It is the mythicl month of Floopuary

    • Duken

      Or the typical month of Oopsuary.

    • Beverly Jenkins


  • peaceetc

    This calendar might make sense to Doctor Who.

    • Benjamin F. Klahn

      It’s all wibbily-wobbily and time-wimey

  • Otto

    Lousy Smarch weather…

    • Anne Noise

      I don’t like the idea of Milhouse having two spaghetti meals in one day.

  • bob

    Minor nitpicks:

    The numbers are way off.

    Some numbers (especially 24) should be covered but instead are transparent. Mud trail starts before car arrives. Driver is on the left side but its not American so what do I know. Car is driven by woman (gasp).

    But, it does have good shading for increase in height.

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    not sure if it’s a disaster or needs more explaining by the campaign team.
    the tagline really makes you wonder what they were going for.

  • Ben

    The calendar has to be the major SNAFU: days 5, 6, and 7 are repeated; days 9, 10 and 11 don’t exist, and another day somewhere between 14 and 18 is repeated (but where is unknowable, as it’s hidden under the dirt road). Oddly, the agency did two more ads in the same series (viewable at the same site as the original) which don’t have calendar SNAFUs. Very odd.

  • (color)blind

    Nice, this month has (supposingly) 32 days, including multiple repeating days (IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY !!!)

  • Steven

    Repeating the days 5-6-7 is intended. That’s what’s the ad is about. But there are to many days between 14 and 18.

    • Morten

      I don’t think it’s intentional. They have another ad with a pool instead and it has all the days in order:

    • richardginn

      That is not what is supposed to happen. All days are supposed to be in order. How this ad got though is beyond me.

      • BangaloreTwenty

        In the same way that your misspelling of “through” and Steven’s ‘too’ missing an ‘o’ got through, I guess.

  • João Nunes

    The headline “Vacation is longer than just the days off” might suggest that the play with the days is intended BUT…. I don’t get it – it’s too messy. If that was the idea they clearly lost track of how to make it work.

  • MrQuietGuy

    I didn’t notice the calendar problems (How could I not). I was going to say skidding tires don’t leave treadmarks.

    • MisterUnderhill

      If you want to get really forensic about it, based on the skid pattern, the front bumper of the jeep would have hit that rock above the 23 and, at the speed they’d have to be traveling to skid like that, flipped the vehicle multiple times.

  • Karen McKim

    If you’d wanted to make a point related to ‘extra time’ with the calendar (not a good angle, but oh well), the way to do it would have been to leave the days covered by the mud un-numbered, so that the day before the mud was the 14th, and the day following the mud was the 15th.

    My point: Even if it was intentional (I don’t believe it was) it was badly done.

  • Helzerman

    I think it’s intentional. Unless you show a calendar with two months on it, one on top and then another beginning below, you will never have a 7 in the middle. Having worked in situations where a client was telling me what to do, I can easily see where this would happen. Look at the art. It’s not bad. It’s good, actually. Someone was told to do this and they did it.