Tenerife: One big (and one small) thumbs up

For some reason, approval from the model on the left always seems to count for more.

Photoshop Disasters

The female-version of Roger and Ebert was short-lived. The bikinis were considered sexist and the rating system – one thumb up, and one thumb up with one horrifying deformity – was found to be confusing.

Thanks Juan!

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  • Skeptic

    She looks like she is holding a grissini.

  • BruceJ

    Sissy Hankshaw!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1224859879 Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      Even the majas get the blues

  • handystl

    ‘ho-ho-holy s**t!!’ , was my initial reaction

  • kharlos

    España es diferente, Spain is different, 😀

  • stella

    I don’t think that is meant to be a thumb. Or I don’t think it is a photoshopped thumb. I think the model was goofing off with a breadstick and the people in charge didn’t notice (or the part of the picture that we can’s see has something to do with breadsticks – where is the link to the original?). You can see her real thumb behind the supposed “thumb”
    However, the other model’s hand looks odd to me. The crease/cleavage between her fingers goes past her knuckles.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=709110882 Karen McKim

      Breadsticks, surf, and sand–what better combination?

  • http://twitter.com/richardginn richardginn

    NO PSD. That had a sci-fi movie make over budget for the photo.

  • hate the game

    Not a PSD. The angles of their hands are different and the girl on the left has long fingers that aligned weirdly with the heel of her hand to look that way. Look at the colors/creases to see the definition of the thumb/hand. Looks crazy, but not PSD.

    • Andulamb

      At first I thought you must be on crack, but after looking again — and then again — I decided you were absolutely right. Still, it looks freaky and someone should have caught it.

    • Hoolisteer

      I agree! Weird angles, not a disaster…

  • Daniel

    It’s not just the thumb. Look at the water just left of her knee, just below the bikini. And the angle of the legs seems a little odd. My guess is that the whole torso was pasted.

  • Gridlock

    “Two and Half Thumbs Up”

    Bet her boyfriend has a healthy prostate.

  • Your Enemy’s Truth

    Look at the bottom left hand corner. It is obviously photoshopped. And her bikini top is like her waste. Her boobs are sagging to the dirt or its photoshopped, and I will go with photoshopped.