The opposite of top-heavy

Women often have a smaller upper body than men and/or what the laws of nature dictate.

Photoshop disasters

I’ve heard of having bird-like proportions, but rarely is an ostrich the obvious parallel. This woman must have one low center of gravity and an impressive top running speed.

Thanks Cantor. You can see the original on Woman’s Day.

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  • Bachowny Plamborgs

    I think the only way this site can keep up its traffic is to post non-disasters more often than disasters.

    • Waldobaby

      Say AMEN, brother.

  • anna

    I dont see anything wrong with that. Its a normal slim woman. Would the author prefer a photo of Pam Anderson? sigh…

    • ixache

      Arguably, she does look a little strangely proportioned.

      I ascribe that to the combination of the short denim skirt splaying under her bottom, and the apron hiding her waistline and tummy.

      • Karen McKim

        If you cannot see the problem between her seat and the upper part of her torso, compare the size of either one of her folded legs (no clothing to confuse the eye) to the size of her rib cage.

        • Andulamb

          I know she seems to narrow on top, but I’m voting for Not a PSD. She’s thin. And what would be the point of narrowing her torso? This isn’t a glamour shot. People see so many perfect photos of airbrushed models in exaggerated positions that average photos of real people in normal positions can look bizarre.

  • barbara

    There isn’t anything wrong with this picture other than an unflattering pose.