SMH: The Paper Business

Business people can sometimes come off as a little two-dimensional.

Photoshop Disasters

Isn’t it ironic that the actual paperwork seems to be the three-dimensional part of this picture? Regardless, let’s all give me a hand for avoiding the obvious paper plane joke this disaster demands.

Thanks JP. You can see the original on SMH.

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  • Beverly Jenkins

    I’m tired of these motherf*cking FAKES on this motherf*cking plane!

    • peaceetc

      I was trying to think of something funny to say, but there’s not a chance I could top you. Nicely done. :)

      • Drew

        LOL. I’m with Peaceetc! Priceless reply.

        • Beverly Jenkins

          Thank you both!

  • Ryan Johnson

    The dude looks like a hunchback too,

  • Waldobaby

    Icelandic Air could have put twelve people in the space these two are taking up. That is not a joke.

    They look like they’re blow up dolls losing air.

  • Drew

    Fire that artist!

  • luckysnags

    Not-so-happy hump day.

  • Kookoo

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this your captain Autopilot Otto speaking…

  • seb

    It doesn’t so much like a photoshop fail. Rather an awful 3D job. But then who would spend so much time to design airplane seats and do so poor on the characters ?

    • seb

      doesn’t look ^^

  • moburkhardt

    not a psdisaster rather a 3D render with bad human models and posing