Turkey and its terrifying toddlers

Turkey “fascinates” is a generous verb choice for this tourism campaign.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m concerned about more than the toddler left unattended in the pool. I know kids can lose track of things, but how’d her thumb get all the way over there?

Thanks David for the find!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.ginn.37 Richard Ginn

    Is their more than one person in the shot…

    AND that one hand she has, did it get run over by something???

  • Andulamb

    I’m guessing the extra thumb is that blob at the left side of the pic? It’s such an awful photo that it’s hard to tell. But I really came here to address the “the toddler left unattended in the pool” remark.You realize that this pic doesn’t show the entire pool area, right? And that in the context of the photo shoot there were more people present than just the little girl and the photographer, and so if all those people can be out of frame then so can the girl’s imaginary parents? And that there could be someone just two feet to her left that we can’t see? Just sayin’.

    • rafael reyes


      • Andulamb

        idk! lol!

  • MattG

    It’s not her thump. Someone is holding the floatation thing in place.

  • Skeptic

    My guess is a bit complicated. I think perhaps the flotation tube wasn’t there in the first place, or maybe there was something else. and there are adult hands that hold her up from the front and bottom. The actual adult or adults that are doing this were erased, and that orange tube was photoshopped onto her.