95.1 WAPE: Khaaaaaaaaaan

Shan Khan said tiny hands say a lot about a man.

Photoshop Disasters

It doesn’t help this rugged chunk of grizzle and jaw line that his photoshoppers have him gripping this sign with all the grit that one holds a teacup. Also, who’s Shad Chan that He gets the H in ‘he’ capitalized when we refer to Him?

Kudos to Bryan. You can see the original on the 95.1 Facebook page.

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  • http://www.bytehead.org/blog/ Bryan “bytehead” Price

    My first submission! :)

    • stella

      Good job! Definitely a PsD.

  • http://arielalexco.net/ Ariel AleX Co.

    I beet he had his arms crossed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/waranghira Josef Mari Olaybal

    Are they hiring mentally challenged people? Bad shooping, bad writing.

  • Dark Squirrel

    With arms like these, he’ll have some difficulties to drive his Jaguar :)
    He would better ask for a Google car

  • Private_Eyescream

    You gonna get WAPE-d.