Blow Up Belly

What kind of plastic-wrapped baby comes out of an off-tone and bellybutton-less disaster like this?

Photoshop Disasters

I doubt the model here had the backbone to argue against her silicone section. Understanding Japanese might help make sense of this disaster. Well, knowing what I do of Japan… probably not.

Unless this is Chinese. What is going on over on that side of the world?

Thanks for the great find Donna!

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  • Skeptic

    Definitely Chinese.

    In truth, this looks less like a photoshop disaster and more like they asked her to hold a “pregnant” lower body in front of her with her blouse covering its top. They just photoshopped away her real body. Maybe it’s considered undignified in China to display real pregnant bellies?

  • Matthias Urlichs

    What ‘Skeptic’ said.

    In fact, if “knowing what you do of Japan” doesn’t even cover the obvious non-Japanese-ity of the text, then I guess I’ll take my chances.

    That doesn’t excuse the missing belly button, of course.

    • omnichad

      I can see someone not recognizing the text differences – but I definitely noticed it wasn’t Japanese. And in that case, it does lean toward a Japanese modern aesthetic. At least compared to most Chinese advertising material I’ve seen, which isn’t much.

  • Lydia

    Chinese. And not a PSD at all. It’s a FAKE belly to wear to get a seat on the train.

    • Skeptic

      It’s still some kind of disaster, although as I said, I’m not sure it’s a photoshop one. If it’s just a fake belly, then the woman’s pelvis is connected to it and to the upper torso the wrong way. I would judge that a Photoshop Disaster. If it’s a whole fake torso-and-legs, then the woman’s pose actually makes sense, but having her pose with such a thing is a disaster in itself. Either way, it doesn’t look at all as if she just has a fake belly.

      The belly button is not the issue here. It’s the pose.

      • Lydia

        Oh it’s a horribly awkward photo, and something has clearly gone wrong with her spine and arm, but judging from the post and comments, it’s not clear to a lot of people that the belly isn’t the issue at all.

    • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

      In ‘Merica, if it aignt Japnese it gotta be Chanese

      • omnichad

        Statistically, if it’s not Japanese it’s extremely likely to be Chinese. Especially considering 1/5 of the world’s population lives there.

      • Lydia

        Or… it’s an add written in simplified Chinese characters, which are only used in mainland China, so it’s definitely from China?

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    Understanding context is very important.
    I’m sure if this man was less known worldwide, people would say his hair is a PSD for being photoshopped on backwards.