HB 1303: A line has definitely been crossed

If there were two separate lines for white and black people, everyone would just get to vote faster.

Photoshop Disasters

The use of Photoshop to replace a coloured person with a white one might tell you what the real concern regarding HB 1303 is. The jury is still out on why Sheila Reiner’s face is airbrushed to a light shade of leather though.

Photoshop Disasters

Thanks Robert. The original was found by ThinkProgress.

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  • jdm8

    Basically erasing two dark skinned people, I would bet to avoid accusations of racism, but that only works if people don’t find the original image.

    • Kjartan Andersen

      It would also be smart NOT to use the woman just left of the object when choosing what face to paste onto the image.

      • Randy the fly

        In there defense, they didn’t have much choice given the focus range of the image.

        Removing the blacks was definitely a choice made to appeal to what they think are their demographics. With the exception of true racists I doubt anyone would have noticed the color make-up of the crowd. Going to the problem of removing them is certainly telling.

        • Randy the fly

          err, their

  • http://www.facebook.com/tjh1701 Tim Hoskins

    Since the people in this image are supposed to illustrate possible perpetrators of election fraud, I think jdm8 is correct that the edit way made to avoid making a racial statement, rather than to make one. But the choice to put the same face side-by-side reveals the flier’s true message: if hoodie-wearing replicants are allowed to vote, well then democracy just goes out the window.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    A “coloured person?” Are you kidding me? Have we gone back to the 1950’s?

    • Waldobaby

      Among many other things, I remember a water fountain at a gas station in Georgia with a sign that said “whites only”. Those are the scary words. “Colored” as a proper word ain’t nothin to get riled about.

      • Anna

        What kind of sick people do that? :( horrible

        • likalaruku

          Apparently you haven’t studied the segregation portion of american history.

    • Anonymous

      There was this website one day where I commented that I was watching some funny videos of black people. Got an immediate ban in response.

      What is the correct name, then?

      African-American usually refers to residents of the United States, so it’s not applicable in some cases.

  • HowieFeltersnatch

    Republicans never disappoint. (But don’t you dare call them racist.)

  • ano

    There is also a tall black dude who disappeared in the back

  • likalaruku

    Just copy-paste the woman’s face onto the adjacent little old lady, no-one will notice…But they will think it’s a dude. Oh, & rub the guy behind her out of existence Stalin-style. That’s right republicans…Claim to hate communists, then emulate their leaders.

    Reiner’s face is a little on the creepy side.

  • M.

    These idiots replaced/erased two black people and left the third one (the guy in the black fedora partially obscured by the bald white guy). So they’re not only racist, but both racist and utterly incompetent.