If these walls could talk (they’d be screaming)

Some supermodels can recover from a trip on the runway, but this is probably the steeliest look to accompany a dislocated shoulder.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m aware there’s a stigma against broad shoulders on women, but this isn’t a solution. On a similar note, ladies – if you wear your pants that close to your breasts, I’m going to waste a substantial amount of time trying to figure out if you have a displaced torso before I notice the hole in your shoulder.

Thanks Anonymous. The original was found in a Moda Operandi email blast.

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  • taniabn

    The shoulder is in the right place, in the blue part of the jacket. The sleeve looks weird because of the way it was pushed up her arm. It’s not a PSD, it’s an unfortunate optical illusion.

  • Andulamb

    Yet another non-PSD. Sigh.

    • Greenhatter

      Do you really think so? I wonder why visitors vote up or down for the comment of an obvious autistic hater.

  • Kama

    okay… but where is her hand? it goes into a wormhole pocket or something.

  • Lolli

    Her actual shoulder IS in the right place, but the arm is cobbled on. It isn’t even a left arm, its a right arm!

  • Seethaman Narayan

    The shoulder is OK. It’s the jacket that fits horribly. Please stop seeing mistakes where there aren’t any.