Nordstrom: Transparent Blackout

Wearing shoes like this is difficult enough, least of all when the top strap is missing from half of the shoe.

Photoshop Disasters

Readers, we could use your insight on this one. Are we looking at an inexplicable removal, or is the far strap perfectly parallel with the nearer one? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Violetta for another great find. The original was found in an Nordstrom newsletter.

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  • Luke S

    Either way, we’re looking at one hell of a stretch of the definition of “disaster”, aren’t we?

    Looks like the camera was level with the top strap, so it’s *possible* they are perfectly aligned. The bottom edges of the top strap seem a little thick, which may or may not be the far strap showing through.

    Bottom line, who cares?

  • J. Peterson

    It looks like the photographer is using a telephoto shot, so the straps could easily be hidden. You can see hints on them towards the toe. And even if he did re-touch out some of the far straps, I rate that as totally the norm for a fashion shot like this (the far straps would just be visually distracting). Journeyman product shot, not a disaster.

  • Waldobaby

    I like the zipper. This is a man’s shoe, innit?

    • Skeptic

      What does a zipper have to do with men’s shoes? I’ve seen zippers on the backs of women’s sandals before. It’s a convenient solution when the design includes thin and elaborately designed straps.

  • MMielech

    Slow disaster day?

  • Skeptic

    Seems perfectly OK to me. Since there is no need for a tie or a buckle on the far strap (zipper at the back) it’s designed for symmetry and the strap is just parallel IMO.

  • greennotGreen

    At first, I agreed that the top strap had been removed, but on closer examination, I believe the top two far straps are simple really surprisingly well aligned.

    The design of the shoe is the disaster. Western civilization’s form of foot binding.

  • Karen McKim

    It seems to me that the only way the far side of the top strap could hide so completely behind the near side–not showing at top or bottom, inside or outside of either loop–would be if the strap itself is not symmetrical (thinner strip on the far side, larger loops, whatever.) That’s unlikely, so I believe the top strap has been partly erased. On the other hand, that removal is not inexplicable.

  • Wesley Kime

    But you sure have to admire the expertise at masking and extraction! Anyway, at this point what does it matter!

  • Jessica

    ….I have a pair of shoes like this. With a zippered back, it doesn’t need straps at all, and this one just looks like a symmetrical design. I saw nothing out of the ordinary..

  • AB

    There’s nothing wrong with this. The straps on the opposite side are easily visible at certain points.

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    it could be.. there is part of the back strap.

  • Carlo

    Or, of course, it’s perfectly possible that the photographer/art director/whoever lined up the shot deliberately so that as much of the straps were obscured as possible. That’s what I would have done.