Patrick Demarchelier: Hips made to Grip

Have you ever gripped your right thigh so hard that it came clean off?

Photoshop Disasters

Patrick Demarchelier is a fashion photography icon, but I have no idea if he does his own photoshopping or if someone at Vogue or Vanity Fair decided this model should be detachable.

Thanks for the find Jenny!

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  • ffs

    No, because it’s her left thigh.

    • One Eyed Joe

      Left arm and left thigh don’t look as though they have been properly attached.

  • Xevious Farlakes

    my girlfriend did that with her owl

  • Andulamb

    I know it looks wrong, but even though I can’t prove it I don’t think this is a PSD.

  • kabak

    Her left arm looks really narrowed down and the top of the elbow.

  • Miguel Farah

    My girlfriend can do that!!! She has a wooden leg, though.

    (I can’t believe no one’s said this yet)

  • ixache

    It does look strange, and I have no definite answer for this one, especially about the left arm being this thin, but about the thigh, let me quote two comments from the thread generated by this site second greatest hit.

    Artur: “[B]asically such dresses create the illusion of the waist being higher up, also the hips must be more to the left of the picture. Generally the skirt is messing up all the features.”

    WDI: “Every time a girl sticks her hip to one side with a flouncy skirt on people seem to think her leg has fallen off.”

    See also the pictures there, especially the one with Marylin Monroe.

    It would also be nice too have some way to get access to the originals picture, series, etc. Here I had some luck with the words “Natash Poly Vogue Russia may 2013”