Polla: A Screwdriver is more Phallic

There are a lot of questions this disaster raises, but first and foremost – what in God’s name is he going to use a wrench that size for?

Photoshop Disasters

This sultry soccer mom with the oversized hand and the oiled up bodybuilder are here to sell you… dishwashers, I assume? Oh, the elephant paw is holding scratch-and-wins. When you’re offering five-billion five-hundred-million pesos, I suppose the advertisement that accompanies the offer is equally absurd.

Thanks Carolina. The original was found in HoyxHoy a Chilean newspaper.

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  • omnichad

    It’s definitely an overdone job of forced perspective, but by all accounts it appears they wanted to exaggerate it to this degree.

  • rto

    Believe it or not, I’ve actually used a wrench that big before. I didn’t have that guy’s muscles, though. We used to slip a pipe over the end for leverage.

    That oversized hand is another story.

    • guest

      We found a wrench that size once (on a former construction site) – it’s just hilarious to have it laying around the house and people keep asking what one needs it for ;)

  • Cattya

    In fact, this is a lottery ad (Polla is a famous lottery in Chile). But don’t ask people from Spain about it, ‘cos for us “polla” means “cock”. Talking about phallic?

  • Arbadel

    I’m from Chile, and yes… The main idea is that if you win the lottery you can do anything you want (That includes, a big oiled bodybuilder with a phallic type wrench)

  • VBW

    Maybe it’s meant to be irritating, like the Gocompare guy.

  • VBW

    Compared to the size of the hand, their snatchcards are the size of encyclopedias.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’ t look as if these two people were photographed together. They seem out of proportion to each other and lit differently.

  • stella

    Maybe she doesn’t have a huge hand, maybe she just has an extremely long arm (things closer appear larger and all that).
    I suppose what they are trying to say here is that if you win the lottery you could get yourself an oily guy with a big wrench. Wouldn’t be my first choice.