Rochas Paris: Smells Fishy

Huh, so that’s what it looks like when the bun finally comes out of the oven.

Photoshop Disaster

That’s hardly a practical outfit to be wearing on a picnic, but at least you brought some bread to share. What? That’s your thigh?

Well, props to me for not making the obvious yeast-infection joke when there’s such an obvious opening.

Thanks Ramaz for the find. You can see the original on Sassisam blog.

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  • brian thomson


  • VBW

    The PSDs we see here are mostly from companies with multi-million dollar budgets. Can’t they add a few extra dollars to have their ads checked by an experienced designer? This sort of crassness actually does more damage than good.

  • Pedro Hin

    I want the clown to make a balloon girl for ME now

  • Waldobaby

    These “jokes” show a hatred of and a scorn for women over and over again.

    • harvey

      I think these ads show a hatred and scorn for women.

  • teleromeo

    The perfume should be called ‘Les Débacles de Rochas’