Scheppach: Worker’s Hands

Thing’s illustrious modeling career keeps this site afloat.

Photoshop Disasters

Movie idea: an arctic fox and a disembodied hand switch (metaphorical) bodies. I call it “Outfoxed and Out of Hand.” There’s a lot of tilling in the second act.

Look, it still needs to be workshopped.

Thanks Debbie. The original can be seen on Ebay.

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  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    I try to find some sense in the picture but I can’t. It’s more than a Photoshop disaster, it’s a communication disaster.

    • Greenhatter

      As always, it is kind of… I guess!

  • cedric

    I see blah

  • stella

    Wow, Thing is getting old. All those wrinkles!
    But I am really wondering what the green “machine” is? A kibble grinder for foxes? I just don’t get it. It is almost like someone took a picture of some old piece of equipment, photoshopped in some stuff and photoshopped out other stuff then posted it on eBay in hopes that someone would find it, send it in to PsD, and they could have their 15 minutes of fame. Hey, I may be on to something here….

    • Greenhatter

      …hash granulate is the new!

  • Andulamb

    “Are you tired of grinding up your worn out arctic foxes the old-fashion way? Now you can grind up old foxy like a pro, with the new Sheppach Fox-o-matic 3000! The first one hundred callers will also receive: this beautiful blue protoplanetary nebula, one replacement hand (right or left), and FREE P&P! What are you waiting for? Order yours today!”

  • Greenhatter

    By the way, very bad thing job this time.