Sochi Olympic Park: Russian Fake

German Formula One racer Sebastian Vettel came to Russia to test their new track, but I worry that his car is up to regulation.

Photoshop Disasters

Vettel might be the youngest Formula One driver to win three consecutive championships, but he’s far from the youngest to appear in such a blatant and unnecessary photoshop. Though, if that car wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be sure if Russia was building a race track or showing off the remnants of Chernobyl.

Thanks Sahir. You can see the original on ESPNF1.

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  • gofastmonkey

    Not photoshopped

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Hahaha! Oh, you weren’t kidding? Sorry.

  • Rish

    Chernobyl is not even in Russia, you dummy…

  • Karen McKim

    Call me naive about the standards in the profession that claims the name ‘journalism’ these days, but I am disappointed to see the AP copyright on that. I can laugh at botched advertisements, but…to put AP’s imprimatur on that…just wow.

  • Spillage Griffiths

    This is a genuine PSD! At last!

  • Dourn

    Yeah I’m a bit confused here.

    Is this one photoshopped as well?

    They’ve either photoshopped the car into a lot of photos, or it’s real but looks fake.

    • Karen McKim

      This one doesn’t look ‘shopped–if anything, it only reinforces the certainty that the other two were. Compare this with the other two photos on: the shadows underneath the car; the saturation in the car compared to the person/people; the matches between the sharpness of the focus of the car and its surroundings at the various depths of field.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    This is not a photoshop.

  • Harri

    I’d say a powerful flash was used very close to the lens, possibly around it -> no shadow. The car seems to have correct reflections. You can even see the men on the right front tire. Area around the back of the car looks more realistic because it’s farther from the flash.

  • gofastmonkey

    Why doesn’t PSDisasters remove photos that are clearly proven to not be photoshopped????
    I and others have found similar photos at different angles showing the men and the car. Who would go through all the trouble to ‘photoshop’ these pics in the first place… to what end?

    If they were actually photoshopped (they are NOT)… they appear to be very well done (besides screwy contrast (likely the overcast/hazy sky)… certainly not a DISASTER.

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    I think it comes down to having really clean cars, and moving cars around for photo shoots. In other pictures, both vehicles are in different locations, with the Infiniti behind the F1 car.

    White Balance and Color Correction may lead to fake looking photos.