Vogue: Not-so-natural sass

White girls have never been able to make the sassy ‘hand on the hip look‘ seem natural.

Photoshop Disasters

The sheer part of this dress makes the hands and head seem pasted in (that neck isn’t helping any), but it’s the hips that give away this disaster. A little black dress can and should do a lot of things, but it shouldn’t be an outright optical illusion.

Thanks Dora. You can see the original on the Vogue site.

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  • Andulamb

    What’s wrong with her hips? I’m going to guess that you think there should be more shape to them. But you can only think that if you assume her hips are not parallel to the camera. Why make that assumption?

  • redsawdust

    I agree with Andulamb… you’re making an assumption that Keira Knightley has curves…

  • Kookoo

    I have no problem with the narrow hips, but can someone explain to me why the weird angle on the dress where it touches the wall? There is no way a knee would be there, given the shape of the hips – just follow the curve of the hip to estimate where the legs are. So what’s giving the dress this angular shape? I think this is a combo of 2 shots – the bottom half had her facing the wall (her left side to the camera), with the knee creating the bulge in the dress; the upper half had her as it is now. Definitely a disaster.

    • kirsty

      I think it’s her left knee

  • Yakov Karchev

    the hips are trimmed, because they don’t go with the story. and the story is… the story is… the story is… um. well, let’s say it’s art and then the story is “let’s make this really weird image everybody will be shocked, they will not know what to think and then they will think it’s art for lack of ideas. THAT’s how we get attention.”

    Can’t say it hasn’t worked.

    Only the image comes too close to Ralph Lauren’s type of art. Funny, eh? The only attention you can get these days is by distorting reality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.wong.50 Jeffrey Wong

    Sorry, but not a photoshop.

  • Skeptic

    The only Photoshop disaster is that… I wanted to edit the photo to add the contour lines of her hips to explain why this is not a PSD and realized that I don’t have Photoshop (I’m not a graphic designer) so I don’t actually have a good tool to do this. :-)

    • kirsty

      You could use anything to do that – MS Paint would be fine.

  • Jim Henderson

    White Girls? And if I said something like, “Black girls all have big asses”, I’d be called a racist.

  • http://www.effingo.ro/ Confectii Effingo

    wow, what a strange look …this girl has some funny (or not) accesories on the head, otherwise the dress looks fine (a little bit too skiny, agree).