Model Mayhem: Belt one out

This model’s face isn’t the only area that has had some serious work done.

Photoshop Disasters

High-belted fashion is all about creating an hourglass figure. Photoshop fashion is about twisting the human figure until it’s impossible to determine how the figure remains standing.

Thanks David! You can see the original on ModelMayhem (Slighly NSFW)

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  • Skeptic

    It’s called an “hourglass” figure because it causes warps in the space-time continuum, don’t you know? :-)

    Funny thing about that, er, model’s page is that just above this photo it says “Photography heals”.

  • richardginn

    NO PSD… She just came back from the plastic surgeon office.

  • PhotoDr

    How come every time you see a model with a tiny waist, you scream PSD? Also f you look at her portfolio, you will see that’s her face (lips)
    PSD is getting worse every day…

    • Waldobaby

      Yes! You got it! It’s not how the clothes flow but it’s that face that is duck lip ugly. The disaster is in letting it stay that way.

    • anna

      You cant see her right leg (thigh)? and the deformed background to the left of it?

    • Greenhatter

      Here you go, the cranky, duck bitch on her way to coachella 80´s 90´s something. That tiny pelvis stinks so much she surely get´s stuck halfway. Btw don´t please try to be another october-swimmer, boy. It´s like boring, isn´t it?

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    I would say this woman’s overly injected face is making her small frame look like a PSD and the belt being used a corset isn’t helping. But that blurred sign oddly melting in the background by her hip looks like a dead giveaway.

  • Foster Allen DeVille

    Left leg is all wrong.

  • JarFil

    Given the obvious gravitational lensing happening near her right hip, I think there is nothing wrong with the photo, just a normal spaghettification effect due to the presence a nearby black hole.

  • Nina

    come on, people, this is not a person.. this is just a freaky barbie doll.