Chanel: Missing the Middle

Models are supposed to have smaller chests, but this is pushing it too far.

Photoshop Disasters

A man walks into a bar. He has a clever joke about a Photoshop disaster, but he forgets the middle part. Hopefully, no one will notice.

Thanks Todd. You can see the original on OnSugar.

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  • Rrhain

    Forget the chest…what is up with those *hands*? She has the base of her palm down at her mid-forearm and yet her fingers reach all the way up to nearly clasp those of her other hand?

  • Waldobaby

    …and this anorexic’s pic is a disaster how?

    • Roland Taylor

      Because you can see that whoever edited it did a poor job. Some of her mid section is attached to her lower left arm.

      • Skeptic

        No, actually, that’s just the edge of the big floppy turtleneck she is wearing.

        I was actually thinking that this is evidence *against* this being a PsD.

  • Robert Hazelrigg

    why little red riding hood what big eyes you have

  • greennotGreen

    I know zip about photography lenses, but could this be a case of a lens causing extreme foreshortening? So her hands and right forearm look really big while her torso looks really tiny, tiny enough for a substantial part to be hidden by her arm. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a disaster. I’m just not sure what caused it.

    • dma

      “I’m just not sure what caused it.”

      A dumb-ass GA. =) Here’s a clue: Women do not have to be tooth picks to be beautiful.

  • peaceetc

    I’m not seeing any disaster. The woman is very thin, and she’s leaning onto the surface at an angle, so her outfit is hanging down around her chest area.

    • gazeleau

      forgetting the reflection after erasing the belly of the dress.

      • peaceetc

        I see that, but it could be due to her leaning over the surface, and the surface is reflecting the upper part of her body. I could be wrong.

  • Darren

    I think this could be a disaster, the background around her mid section looks very smudged, not like the rest of the background, i wonder if there was something odd with the way her jumper was hanging?

    • Greenhatter

      Ah you mean uneven titties?