Like Hurtling in a Hot Tub

Luxury bus brands will do anything to differentiate themselves from the competition, such as being the leader in hot tub/highway related fatalities.

Photoshop Disasters

The hovering hot tub with the pasted on wheels, the pasted-over lens flare, or the sheer impracticality of a water-filled trailer are all disasters, but it’s the wheeled tub’s foray over the traffic lines that concerns me the most. Break the laws of physics and hydrodynamics all you like, but we here at Photoshop Disasters take the rules of the road very seriously.

Thanks Michael.

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  • Ariel AleX Co.

    that is possible seen it all times…

  • Herm is far from a luxury bus brand …

    • marcy

      It has a hot tub, and it isn’t a luxury bus? I wonder what the luxury buses come with.

  • VBW

    Especially as the wheel isn’t revolving.

  • Miguel Farah

    The wheel’s shadow isn’t right, either… even after discarding the fact that it doesn’t have the same lightning source as the bus.

    Hmmm… two light sources… outdoors… THERE’S YOUR DIFFERENTIATION!!! These guys will take you to Tatooine! Where do I sign up?

    • Greenhatter

      Tatooine, show I will the office you! Lamps two there they got!

    • OurJames

      What I treasure is how the wheel shadow falls on the hot tub’s shadow and makes it darker! I see this so often, even my own OS. If there is only one light source, one object’s shadow overlapping another object’s shadow does not make the part that overlaps darker. Does not.

  • Greenhatter

    My hovercraft is full of eels!!!

  • Rob

    I really don’t think this picture was photoshopped

    • cath

      No. It was probably something much cheaper, like MS Paint.

      • Raph

        Photoshop isn’t free?

  • guest

    Source, or it didnt happen.

  • dma

    If I knew that I could have bought a copy of Photoshop, walked into a company and said “Hi, I’m a Designer. See. I have Photoshop!” I could have saved SO much money on college!! Apparently, that’s all you need these days.

    Disgusted. ~dma