Baltimore City: Eye to eye: “Unique” is right

If you’re advertising a vision-based service, make sure to show your best side.

Photoshop Disasters

I guess they’re hoping their customers don’t have glasses yet. In my eyes, it seems like the airbrushed tangle of limbs and Escher-inspired body type raises some serious questions about something that’s supposed to fix your sight.

Thanks Teresa. The original was found in the Baltimore City Paper.

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  • Morwen Edhelwen

    Wait.. Why does this ad need a naked woman at all? We are selling eyeglasses here, right? Not escort services?

    • Chump

      I don’t see the disaster, other than poor choice of props and a sort of Gumby Arm. But…what are they selling exactly?

    • richardginn

      SEX SELLS….

  • Otto
  • Ipshwitz

    I’ve come to realize that most posts about these “photoshop disasters” are mainly by people who just don’t quite understand anatomy. While the pose is kinda weird. The person is perfectly normal

    • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      Of course, she could be normal in a very lax definition of “normal” but Are you sure she is perfectly normal?

  • Spillage Griffiths

    This advert is Australian, not American… Therefore it’s not subject to ridiculous censorship like in the USA, with its far right values. There’s no PSD here people.

    • MaryMitch

      Oh, are all women in Australia deformed like that?

      • Spillage Griffiths

        She’s not deformed! Her hair is masking part of her shoulder! Christ!

        • MaryMitch

          Not her shoulder; her hip. The distance between her armpit and her waist is wonky. And BTW, why are you so rude?

          • Spillage Griffiths

            Rude? I’m not being rude. That’s not her hip. It’s her waist, and it’s forshortened due to the angle.

    • Drewit

      Since when is Timonium, MD in Australia?

      • Spillage Griffiths

        Sorry, I should have said that the advertising agency who produced this shot, is Australian, not American.

    • Andulamb

      There’s more than one way to be childish about the human body. One is to treat it as “naughty” under any and all circumstances. The other is to use nudity indiscriminately for its shock value. This is an ad for glasses. I don’t object to the nudity because I have anything against nudity. I object to it because its use is pointless and immature. Also, frankly, dumb. Does this company want to sell glasses or not? If so, then why create an ad that encourages viewer to look at everything but the glasses?

      But I agree. This is not a PSD. But she certainly could have been better posed.

      • OurJames

        “…then why create an ad that encourages viewer to look at everything but the glasses?”

        Because some people need glasses to see the nudity.

        • Matthias Urlichs

          And some people would rather eschew glasses than see nudity.
          And I imagine that quite a few more people (not just women) are perfectly OK with nudity, but would rather get their glasses from somebody who is not, much less advertises that he is, a sexist *censored*.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Timomium, Maryland is in Australia?

  • blumka

    the retoucher was getting tired….

  • slepy

    no PSD at all if it comes to shoulder location..

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    The attack of the boob-arm woman with eyeglasses

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    If there is no PSD, then please explain WTF is going on with her left shoulder, or lack thereof.
    And what human only has about four inches between where the arm attaches and her hip? I’m really short – 4’11” – and I have a longer torso than that. She also either has had the world’s worst boob job or the worst case of breast asymmetry ever seen. Check out her fingernails on her left hand. They are all different sizes and oddly shaped. Sheesh!

  • Greenhatter

    A titt can grow an arm, that´s what everybody knows, and why not hyde ones eye?