Amazon: Fanning the Flames

I’m not the biggest fan of this disaster.

Photoshop Disasters

Since advertisements are supposed to showcase what a product is capable of, I assume this is some sort of floating, semi-cordless fog machine.

Why the elderly couple in question is using one their backyard is beyond me though.

Thanks to Cindy! You can see the original on Amazon.

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  • Spillage Griffiths

    If you read the article, it’s a fan that sprays a fine cooling misty vapour from a garden hose, on a hot breezeless day. I think the photo here has a cropping detail problem, but it’s not on Amazon anymore.

    • jorge

      a cropping detail problem? This image has so many huge mistakes the word detail should not be even uttered. I can count at least 5 really bad mistakes.

      • Spillage Griffiths

        Name the five then please? I can see that the fan, along with airbrush mist, is super imposed over the scene. The shaft of the parasol lines up with the base. The shadows and sunlight are fine, and the couple aren’t cut and pasted to the scene. So there’s just the matter of the “mist”, The fan, and the cropping where the fan image ends. Where’s th e other two, at leasts? 😛

        • Spillage Griffiths

          *By the way… If you have any common sense, that is NOT electrical cable/cord.flex… It’s a water hose with fou r spray nozzles on it.* That’s a PSD mistake straight away! HAHA!

      • Waldobaby

        Since there is no way this is intended to be a real world illustration (no one, not even my Uncle harry is that bad), but it shows the product and it shows the scene so there really is no PSD here. As it is very often true here, PS has nothing to do with the composition of this old-school cut-and-paste ad.

  • dma

    I think this ad is just blowing hot air.

    Couldn’t help it!!

  • Chakolate

    “Elderly”??? They’re in their 60s, tops.

    Whippersnapper. And get off my lawn!

  • En Ding Ding Värld

    Wasn’t John Holmes huge? :p