PhillyBurbs: Intense defence

Number 16 is playing with an injured finger, which would be a lot more impressive if she didn’t have fourteen others to fall back on.

Photoshop Disasters

Like opinions on mixing genders in sports, some athletes are starting to evolve. She’s great at blocking, but her serving form is a real mess. It’s like she can’t tell her right arm from her slightly less right arm.

Thanks Richard. You can see the original on PhillyBurbs and apperantly this image was on the JayLeno show as well.

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  • Tom

    This looks more like a merger than a PSD. There may be 2 players making the block. The other player is what made it look like the player is a female. The caption Philly Blurbs states the name as “Dan”.

    • Skeptic

      Nevertheless, Dan’s conjoined twin seems to be headless.

      • dma

        But he’s a very avid volley ball player.

        I bet he was the first one in class to put his hand up when the teacher asked a question too.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I’ve heard of “getting a leg up” on the competition, but this is new.

  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    i have a question as a photographer… why do you even edit sports and event photography like that?? Just curious!?

    • Greenhatter

      My beer is not an idiot, who would you like to ask kittycat?

  • Greenhatter

    Who cares about the dizzy-fingers. Number 23 is a fag, I mean look at his left hand.