J-Crew: Half Off

J-Crew for kids is have a 50%-off sale, so it’ll only cost your kid an arm.

Photoshop Disaster

Someone had the foresight to colour coordinate some kids, match their outfits with both each other and the sunglassed-graphic, and somewhere down the line, a graphic designer (ironically) right-clicked a little girl’s arm into oblivion.

At least the missing portion is the same colour as the decor.

Thanks Jerome. The original was found on the J-Crew Facebook page. Update: J Crew has since taken down the image.

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  • Spillage Griffiths

    Someone gave her a CHINESE BURN!

  • peaceetc

    Hey, an actual PSD!

    In other news, I have a request for parents — please don’t ever dress your male child like the one in the photo. You might think he looks adorable, but other children will hate him and make fun of him.

    • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

      at that age, I don’t think kids care what you wear, just how awesome your backpack and lunchbox is, and/or what videogames you’ve got. If his parents are buying him these clothes, he already has [backpack from popular PG13 rated movie, possibly Man of Steel] with matching lunchbox and has enough money to make kids believe he already has a PS4.

      but nice to see a real PSD indeed.

      • OurJames

        When I was 13, we would have taunted mercilessly any child dressed like the boy in that photograph. Sandals! I used to have a seersucker jacket but I would never have worn it to school.

        • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

          this kid looks 10 years old to me.