Panorama Mode: Requires a Steady Hand

It looks like the Android device didn’t make the cut in this picture.

Photoshop Disasters

Panoramic photos can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I’m not sure what the Turkish says, but “Photoshopla” and the smiling emoticon tells me they may be aware of the issue at hand.

Thanks for the find Zuma.

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  • Skeptic

    Can’t speak Turkish, either, but in case there is anybody who knows someone who can, the title has been truncated in this version. The original title reads “meydanları photoshopla dolduracağım derken adamın kolunu kesmeyeceksin panpa”. Note undotted “i”.

  • Spillage Griffiths

    Panpa cutting his arm off, Photoshop fills in the gaps. I think it says.

    • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      According to Google Translator and using my own criteria to get a coherent phrase I guess it says: Panpa cuts his arm off using Photoshop to say that he fills squares .
      More or less your translation, but I think it is a little more accurate.

  • Fatih

    It says: “Panpa you should not cut the guy’s arm just to fill up the squares.” The government in power has not much to do but fake its supporters to resist against the ongoing protests for democracy in Turkey. Great find guys!

    • JarFil

      Except that’s how software panoramas work: it cuts some parts, stitches some others together, and you get a panorama photo.

  • Greenhatter

    There´s one Thing missing, I´m curious about where it emerges, maybe any time soon.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Oh, I’m sure he’ll turn up soon. Never fear. :)

  • JarFil

    Wait, so you shouldn’t use software to stitch panorama images? :facepalm:

    Lacking an original photo with the arm whole, I think It kind of reeks when someone proudly shoves his technical ignorance just to get a political statement.