Partylounge: Blow Up Disaster

You would think someone would be careful about the use off the scissor tool so close to an inflatable couch.


I’m having trouble critiquing this one, mostly because I have to resort to photoshopping friends and family into my party pictures too. You think it has anything to do with the fact that all my furniture is blown-up polyurethane? Or do you need some of these things people refer to as “friends”?

Thanks Craig. You can see the original on Proidee.

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  • Anne Noise

    How many suns does this planet have, somehow? Why does the left half feel like sunset and the right half feel like sunrise?

    • happybana

      I count approximately 3 suns. This is not a planet my poor ginger body would do well on.

  • Luke S

    I’m more fascinated by the fact that it appears to be the same guy in all the “couples”.

    • Skeptic

      Yep. In fact, there is one guy and two girls – a brunette and a blonde. With only three models available, they arranged four couple scenes – two with guy and brunette, two with guy and blonde, and one threesome in the background.

      • Pete Farmer

        So they’re good at the clone tool as well?

        • Greenhatter

          It is NOT the cheap clone tool you left behind, it´s the multiple content aware! Of course the GA´s haven´t had too much experience with scaling, seems like.

  • Pete Farmer

    Even more amazing than the PS is the price of this thing. $7000? Seriously? You could probably get 10 of these for the same price. (It’s cheaper because they found an even better way to save money on the photoshoot.)

    Original at

  • stella

    The multiple suns, the multiple shots of the same people, the sunset on one side and sunrise on the other. This is not a PsD, it is the result of time-lapse photography. I just don’t know if was over the course of a few hours or few days, what with the way everyone keeps changing their clothes.

  • TC

    How about that stone wall butcher job…