Polish Football: No hands allowed

In this disaster’s defense, hands aren’t meant to be used in soccer.

Photoshop Disasters

Giving your athletes stunted digits has a few benefits when it comes to soccer. Hand balls are easier to avoid, a giant index finger to the eye looks like more of an accident when it’s a foot-long appendage, and giving the ref the bird is nigh impossible with a middle finger like that one.

Great find Sylwia! You can see the original on the Polish Football Association’s page.

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  • DummyPants

    Hmm. Looks like BOTH his index fingers are that long. Plus, his left hand (the one on the right) he is clearly bending that middle finger down. Hmm…

    • Susanna

      I saw that, too…the long, alien finger is his index, and his middle finger is bent…but, that doesn’t look like any index finger I’ve ever seen.

      Oh, and what the hell is going on with his left arm???

      • dma

        He and his friends are running from the aliens. They just got probed.

  • Stella

    Little known fact – They used him as the model for those “We’re number 1!” foam fingers they sell at ballparks.

  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    got vanes?

  • Marcy

    Good thing that guy is from Poland, he wouldn’t be able to fit those hands in Liechtenstein.

  • Skeptic

    In my country (which is not Poland), bending the middle finger while all the rest are raised is the equivalent of flipping a bird. I wonder if that’s what he’s doing here…