Pracercise: Yes, Prancercise

The best thing about a Photoshop disaster related to something called Prancercise is not having to think of a joke related to something called Prancercise.

Photoshop Disasters

Prancercise is the four-step/hooved exercise that’s taking the physical and spiritual world by a lightly mincing storm. If you’ve ever wanted to be semi-transparent, floating next to a series of poorly-photoshopped horses,  or you consider jazzercise too legitimate an exercise,” it may be the workout for you.

Thanks Todd for the find. You can see the original on Pracercise.

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  • Pete Farmer

    The first rule of Prancercise is: You do not talk about Prancercise.

    I am impressed with the discipline required for this “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward.” Ms. Rhorback is able to achieve the same exact pose whether dancing with white horses or with black ones.

  • Dirk

    This woman is a disaster with or without photoshop. They should have at least photoshopped out her nipples – no one wants to see that. But I feel she has no one to dress her in the morning. Watch her videos (over 9M views) which are quite revealing.

    • Waldobaby

      Please please please cut her some slack. She identifies herself with both Isadora Duncan and Mohandas Gandhi, and you know how torn that must make her.

  • hereandthen

    For the love of horse hockey! They photoshopped out the camel toe. What good is prancercising now?

  • Greenhatter

    That hand-gesture stinks so much, I wish she´d try that with tigers!

  • dma

    Poor horsey lost his feet. Did the mannequin lady eat them??