Quiz: Sammy Dress: Leg Go

Flowers, stuffed animals, and a butterfly make this picturesque moment perfect. The only thing I’d add is a limb or two. Weird perspective, or is this moment missing something?

Photoshop Disasters

I think that leg might

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Thanks Enviado! The original was found on SammyDress.

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  • J. Peterson

    She’s sitting on a wall, leg is on the other side. Not a PsD.

    • OurJames

      Or the edge of a bathtub.

    • Skeptic

      Not really. First, it’s a very thick wall – more like a window seat. Second, there’s a bit of the leg that used to be there showing behind her existing knee. Third, her pelvis is not twisted enough to enable a leg to be on the other side of any wall.

    • Dreamraven

      There is also some evidence of her left thigh visible, by the way the camisole/chemise/whatever falls… I think the lower part of her left leg has been lost somewhere, but she certainly is not sitting astride a wall, or bathtub.

  • joe

    Who’s looking at her legs? The fake cleavage caught my eye first… -.-

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I think it’s great that amputee models are getting work too. Kudos.

  • Waldobaby

    Whose watermark is that?

  • Kathleen

    And, might I add, someone went a little retouch happy with her skin.