Spot The Disaster: I’d Rather Walk Than Drive A Mazda

Never judge a PsD until you’ve walked a mile in its shoes.


I’ll admit it, I just don’t know what they were going for here.  Any ideas?

Spotted by Luca on the Mazda Italia Facebook page.

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  • Richard Stanford

    Maybe the planet on which this is acceptable has two suns? Two very, very specifically directed ones?

  • Godzilla

    You get the same effect on the moon, I’m told.

  • Loïc

    they forgot the shadow of the head of the woman!

  • diogobaeder

    Wow, I never knew a sun that could suck shadows! Amazing!

  • PixelPusher13

    Two different directional light sources. One from the sun casting the shadow of the car, and the other light source casting the shadow of the woman/shoes. Obviously this image was taken on Tatooine, so this isn’t a disaster at all…

    • Paul S

      It’s still a disaster. If there were two light sources, everything would have two shadows.

      • Waldobaby

        Not on Tatooine.

    • viOlator

      Do you really think a shadow that can steal your shoes will obey the laws of optics???

  • Marco Tedaldi

    Interestingly, the shadow of the door starts almost directly below the door itself despite the light coming from the front… also, the person sitting there must be *really* short!

    • Skeptic

      She’s not short. I think this is supposed to be the “artistic intent” of this disaster. Her shadow has decided to take off on its own, thus she is not casting any shadow.

      However, even this failed, because her legs do cast a shadow on the bottom of the car’s chassis. It seems to be cast from the same light source as the woman’s shadow. Which also explains how her legs are not covered in the shadow of the car’s door.

  • Robert

    This is messing with my head.

  • VBW

    I once produced something like this after a night on the coke. Should have gone for the caffeine free stuff.

  • stella

    Can one really expect that a shadow that would steal shoes would care about the laws of nature?
    This might be a clever idea if this were an ad for shoes – “heels so gorgeous your shadow may steel them” – but I don’t understand how this is supposed to make me want to own a Mazda.

  • Miguel Farah

    Why is the top of the “door”‘s shadow a bit out of focus?

    The more I look at this image, the less sense it makes. I think we have a strong candidate for “PSD of the year” award.

  • Miguel Farah

    Also, besides being a total PSD, it’s a photography disaster. This “picture” (at least the background) was shot with an extreme wide-angle lens, 17mm or less. After noticing the heavy distortion in the car itself (consistent with the extreme wide angle), the shoes, which are very close to the “camera” are… not as big as they should look. This means that the should be TINY. Perhaps these are the Smurfette’s shoes?

  • ISD

    I think is a PsD of the highest calibre. I would certainly say that this is what this site should be sending out.

    Every time I look I see something new and amazing! It’s better than being at the zoo (or whatever is classed as exciting and interesting these days).

  • Pete Farmer

    Just down the beach from the car:

  • João Nunes

    Well, the PS is clumsy all over but I think this could be a nice concept for selling shoes, never a car.
    [But, even though I don’t get why the woman is still wearing shoes if her shadow is walking away with them (?)]
    Anyway, this seems more like a rough PS assembly. All light/shade/shadows are wrong… but who cares?

  • hoho

    too focus on concept until forget where the source of the light. XD

  • teleromeo

    In Belgium the weather is that bad that you have to take your own sun with you to the beach when you go sunbathing.

  • Melissa Swanson Ⓥ

    Obviously, we have a serious case of Vasnarada infestation here. Count the shadows, lady! You’re doomed. :C