Spot The Disaster: A Nice Place To Live, Or Not

PsD reader Kris came across this image while searching for a new apartment, but something about this ad for a Montreal apartment complex creeped us out.   Can you Spot The Disaster?


Leave us a comment and let us know what you think went wrong!  The original ad is here.  Thanks, Kris.

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  • Pete Farmer

    The girl with the size 16 foot is about to break her nose on the door. At the Appartements Montréal, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    • stumbl

      lol, size 16 on one side, and zero on the other

  • Kevin

    The models are pasted in, but they added some transparency to the PS layers containing the models(looks like 2 layers worth) so they are not reflected on the floor in the background layer which is the room.

    Also if you look at the mirror there is a bright light which may have came from the camera, the flash was enabled while the photo was taken.

  • Rachelh

    It’s haunted by the ghosts of renters past… Seriously, transparent people with no reflections? Creepy.

    • Greenhatter

      Not to speak of shadowcasting! Those canadians are famous for a few things.

  • Myrtle

    Ghosts of beachgoers, in Quebec.

  • Sandy Fraser

    While the girl on the left appears to be crudely pasted in, the couple on the right are in the process of either materializing or de-materializing.

    • stella

      I wouldn’t want to live in an apartment building with ghosts, but I would love to live in one where the lobby was a transporter. Beam me up!

  • Curtis

    Left girl is in the process of dematerializing to go through glass door.

  • richardginn

    I am not going to live where ghosts live.

    • Greenhatter

      Here you go, queenie!

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    Ghosts of vampires, since the back mirror doesn’t reflect them either.

    • Waldobaby

      Isn’t that a metaphysical double negative?

      In a world where EVERYONE is translucent, and where the potted palms have eyes, that must be some freakin’ awesome apartment building!

  • Frolicfrog

    You’re not cool. Ghosts have some rights too… :-)

  • Jane

    The light source on the couple looks like it’s from a different direction than the light source of the room and the woman with hobbit feet.

  • peaceetc

    I’d say the issue is fairly transparent, though the woman on the left has foot issues which are anything but clear. Perhaps they are hooves, and she’s heading out the door for a quick run at the local racetrack?

    • Kookoo

      The issue is fairly transparent – I like that!

  • Ata

    It’s in left hand of the guy! Note the line and color difference between forearm and the hand!

  • Desertrat

    Who yah gonna call? Ghostbusters!

  • lilacfla

    There are ghosts everywhere!


  • Zibri (

    Transparent people? Lol!

  • Fiev

    Somebody forgot to set the opacity of layer 2 and 3 at 100% xD

  • Dams

    In France, we are used to reduce people opacity to see the full apartment that is for sale and show it is a 3D rendering, no disaster here !

    • Greenhatter

      You french (quater) guys are tricky, eren´t you?

  • creeped

    creepy! where they got those clothes! omg

    • Greenhatter

      Coachella Outlet, Ohio.

  • arielalexco


  • thebewilderness

    You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

  • Robert

    They also don’t reflect in the shiny floor (unlike the apartment parts).

  • Nicki von Bulow

    the people are semitransparent (ghosts)

  • Scott

    wo creepy figures in the wall behind them. One to the far left appearing to look around a corner and the other right by the flash on the right.

  • Brian McKenzie

    even the vase reflected the n the window is a ghost