Spot The Disaster: Anatomy Is For Chumps

Our eagle-eyed reader Bryce H. sent us this image.  It’s subtle, but once you see it, it’s unmistakable.  Who else can Spot The Disaster?

spot-the-disasterWhat do you think went wrong here?  Speak up in the comment section.

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  • JarFil

    Nothing wrong, just a normal leg amputee with double belly button.

    • Nysha

      And only one thumb.

    • Kam

      Yeah – that double belly button is freaking me out.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      I get the two navels and the messed up hands, but where did you get the amputee part?

      • Caetano J.


  • Miguel Farah

    The left arm is quite longer than the right one. It’s not that subtle (and no, there’s no easy way to lift the right arm while still keeping the shown parts of the body in the angles they are).

  • Pedro Hin

    she’s hung like a bear
    …wait, that’s just a knee

    • B_Steelo

      damn I wish I had a Jim Browski like that. I wouldn’t wear purple though. I’d like not to get my left hand chopped off though

  • ixache

    Woh! A rare case of duomphalositis! All medical students will want the model’s number now!

    What’s worse? Two belly buttons, or no belly button? The latter being featured in more PSD than the former, it must be cooler.

  • megathy

    In the grey skirt image, they shaved down her thigh, and cut off her finger tips in the process.

  • Luuuuu

    The grey skirt one has 2 bellybuttons? One showing and one beneath the skirt. Oops!

  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    i wonder if the second belly button is made in the USA?

  • Skeptic

    What’s not wrong in this picture?

  • windspear

    her arms are too short. The hands are mid-thigh when hanging naturally. For her handsto be at her hips her elbows has to be extended out.

  • GothamEyes

    The grey skirt is originally pulled over the belly button,…. seems like this girl has two…

  • Nora

    wrong arm on her left side, it shows the back view of right arm

  • The Blind Man

    2 belly holes, that’s Ripley’s believe or not!

  • ora600

    two belly buttons

  • Angela D

    The purple skirt is a bit of a clumsy cut-and paste. The arm problems are all the same, but the belly button situation has been traded for a bad hip.