Zulily: Far From Ideal

Until I owned these jeans, I didn’t know what I was missing.

Photoshop Disasters

Some of the cut-outs that come to light here at PSDisasters equal parts confusing and inexplicable.  There’s something missing between that lady’s legs, and for once, I’m not using that statement as a pickup line.

Thanks Shannon. The original was found on Zulily.

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  • hereandthen

    Them would be some great jeans for prancercising!

  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    who needs a crotch when you have jeans like that?

  • my name

    doesnt look so fake…

  • anna

    I cant see anything wrong with it. Tight jeans on a slim girl, what is a disaster here?

    • Greenhatter

      You are so smart?

  • http://carlosmalpacheco.blogspot.com/ Carlos Mal

    I have seen this gap countless time in real life. Not a disaster.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      I wonder how many times “countless” is and does it place you into the perv category.

    • Howard M Beers

      “Factory Air”

    • dma

      I see your point Carlos. A lot of women have a natural gap between their thighs, but not one that a Mack truck could pass through. And not that… high up. :

  • http://www.farah.cl/ Miguel Farah

    This might not be a PSD, but if that’s the case, that poor model must have been in SERIOUS pain (unless that was her sort of thing…).

  • omnichad

    Art director told the intern to remove the camel toe – so he did.

    • Greenhatter

      You don´t even know what a camel toe is mf!

      • Dumbhatter

        EVERYONE knows what it is. Settle down.

        • Greenhatter

          Have you ever talked to a beautiful women, looked at her and said:
          “Could you please unsharpen your bloody camel toe or whatever that is?” Kido!

  • Shananay

    The funny thing is, if you look at the website’s original page, the same “shape” was used on the front view of the pants…

  • TMB

    Not every woman’s thighs chafe.