Zulily: That buggie bugs me

Anything is all-terrain with the right amount of photoshop.

Photoshop Disasters

Before trusting something that’s supposed to float with your child, you may want to make sure it actually floats. What’s the point of a floating car toy anyway? It seems like it might misinform children about what a car is capable of.

Thanks Chloe for the find! You can see the original on the Zulily site.

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  • peaceetc

    That is some smooth water right there.

  • OurJames

    If that’s a fake, they did a hell of a good job with the reflection of the front part of the buggy.

  • Skeptic

    Well, it’s a floating toy. It makes the same sort of sense as that mattressy thing you sometimes see adults floating on in their pools. But it’s made for kids so it’s toy-shaped.

    Anyway, of course it’s photoshopped:


    But it’s not as horrible as other photoshop efforts we see here…

  • Spillage Griffiths

    It’s not actually a PSD. The actual inflatable car toy hasn’t got full wheels, they are semi-circular, so the image is true. Imagine the illustration by “Skeptic”, but in the water.

  • Andulamb

    Two in a row that aren’t PSDs. Dare we hope for a trifecta?

    • Greenhatter

      You´re constantly tryin to fuck up the blog, what is you? An expert, hopefully not!

  • renz

    well, the mom is hot though…

    • Greenhatter

      … do you think she blew up the shitty water-car?

  • stella

    I think as far as photoshopped ads go, this one is not so bad. Sure, the water is really flat for having so many ripples in … and the water looks like no water I have seen before, other than on a piece of scrapbook paper that came in a pack I bought years ago (true story)…and despite the fact that they are supposedly playing in a pool of moving water, there is not a drop on “Mom” or the kid or the toy. But, we’ve seen worse.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    You don’t get it. It’s not water, it is blue jello