Yahoo Dolphins: Such Majestic Creatures

From the right perspective, dolphins aren’t the cute mascots of the sea we believe them to be.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m not sure why this dolphin’s snout is on sideways, but I have no sympathy for the creature. I hate their permanent smirk and I’m glad someone’s done something to wipe it off that creature’s face. Google “dolphin rape caves” and you too can come to have an unabashed unease around these jesters of the sea.

Thanks Caroline for the find. You can see the original on Yahoo news.

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  • muskoka

    This is an Amazon River dolphin, so, not a sea jester. The sideways mouth is curious. I can’t imagine why someone would modify it intentionally.

  • Skeptic

    Do you believe everything you find in Google? The dolphin rape story is at the moment unconfirmed and none of the sources I’ve seen in Google is a credible marine biology institute, police log or respectable news source.

  • hana

    Geez. Isn’t it enough that you make a living making fun of the flaws (valid PSD or otherwise) in the works of others? Why make wildlife a target now? Do you believe every fear-mongering news bit that you come across on the inter webs? Try checking the sources first. Maybe try reading a different perspective:

    Oh, and dolphins don’t have a “permanent smirk”. That’s just how they look. Please stop with the anthropomorphism.

    • Waldobaby

      Hoo boy are YOU in the wrong place! So are half the other people commenting here. Go to the google search page and type in “define: snark”

  • Kris

    Ugh! A classic (and pathetic) case of “If it’s on the internet then it must be true.”

    “Dolphin rape” is more myth than fact. Do some basic research.

  • ixache

    Oh, I see, the return of the home-schooled defense brigade. Except this time it’s for… dolphins? Well done, Bryce, well done. And nice PSD by the way.

    • Greenhatter

      Ur kinda ironic, eren´t you?

      • ixache

        I like your poetry, even though I can’t really understand it all. The dark imagery, the biblical reference… I can’t vouch for the rythm and rhymes, though. Where can I sample more of it?

        • Greenhatter

          That is no poetry, it is just drunk and hate, for I am a hater. A hater that trys to defend all that has not to do with clubs! Email me to if you dare!

    • ixache

      Sorry, me bad at English. I meant to write : “home(-?)schooler(s?) defense brigade”. See e.g.

      See also: small owls, camping accidents. Or ask Waldobaby.

  • Reinier

    I’m guessing this particular picture had something wrong about it and it was attempted to fix it? The rest of the series seems normal, so yeah, I see no other reason to fuck it up.

  • Mel

    I’d consider the “dolphin rape cave” news a form of sensationalism. Some scientists/researchers have written about this type of aggressive dolphin (or other wildlife) behavior and why it may not be the same as homo sapiens rape. You might want to Google and read them as well, to balance your views.

    As for the picture, it does seem rather off.

    To ixache: “home-schooled defense brigade”? I hate to burst your bubble, but I wasn’t home-schooled, just FYI.

  • Greenhatter

    How to make a ugly monster out of a beautiful being!

  • anna

    Ive seen the other photos from the series and t I have no idea why someone replaced his mouth in this particular picture with the same mouth from profile view. People are really nuts these days.. :-/