Football Shirt Culture: Authentic Threads

I always thought that professional sports were a career where faking it until you make it was never a serious option.

Photoshop Disasters

In this disaster’s defence, one of the football players that was supposed to pose for this picture stepped on a teammate’s toes. The photographer found the entire franchise clutching their shins and waving at the ref shortly before the team was carried away by the always active (but ironically underworked) medical staff at the stadium.

Thanks Tom. You can see the original on HTAFC site.

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  • Nic

    As the article accompanying the photo on the Huddersfield Town website makes clear, this is an imaginary team comprised of the club’s greatest players throughout the decades. In other words, it’s meant to be Photoshopped.

    • Greenhatter

      BUT they all look like cardboard characters, do they not mate!

      • Nic

        Yes, they do. But this isn’t the current Huddersfield team who’ve had their heads stuck onto a team photo because they couldn’t be bothered to pose together, as PsD seems to suggest. These players’ faces have been gathered from all manner of dodgy old source material to make what was intended as a fantasy or joke image, and was never claimed to be anything else. It seems unfair to call it a disaster.

        • WhatAWorld

          Anybody else notice that there are four “w”s in their website address? LOL

  • Spillage Griffiths

    Aye, Like it has been already said, it’s Huddersfield (West Yorkshire!) England’s football dream team, comprised of legendary players past and present. Good to see some Yorkshire stuff on an American page!

  • stella

    Now that I know the background for this, I think they did a pretty good job. The heads are the right sizes for the bodies, they are all looking in a realistic direction. And the faces are cardboardy enough that no one is going to sue them for false advertising.

  • kitslover2013

    Obviously, this is a fake
    Fake shirts are common, but they are very nice.