Huawei: Eye-popping features

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company that is hoping to open your eyes to their brand.

Photoshop Disasters

Huawei recently stated that they want to overcome Apple in the global market, and to do that, they need to connect with Western audiences. Unfortunately, due to the Chinese government’s media regulation, their idea of what Western audiences look like might be a little (ironically) slanted.

Thanks Leo. The original was found on YouTube.

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  • Graham

    This isn’t a PSD. The eyes are intentionally large as they are ‘outstanding features’ on her face. I have also seen another advert in the series where a man’s smile is magnified for the same effect.

    • Greenhatter

      Magnified or mangafied?

    • Kookoo

      Yeah.. nah. Does this banner make you cringe? Then it’s a disaster, intentional or not.

    • jdm8

      Intentional or not, it’s a disaster.

  • Greenhatter

    My black-blue puppet has marbles as big as billard balls! So wha So what….

  • richardginn

    Those eyes remind me of the recent news article on what our faces will look like in 100,000 years,

  • Zoe

    Oh yes, a mouthbreather with freaky eyes, that’ll make me buy it!

  • VBW

    You will look into my eyes. You will do exactly as I say.

  • Aaron James Atkins

    I have special eyes…

  • JarFil

    I saw a frog like that once… or was it a fish?

  • Harry Smith

    Now I know why they call us “round eyes”

  • CC

    Separated at birth?