Huggies: Tentacle Arm

Huggies disposable swimpants are the only brand that offers easy open and close sides that can be accessed with a mere one arm and two hands.

Photoshop Disasters

The hardest thing a parent has to do is let go of their child. Though, it’s even harder when you keep them close with a flesh-coloured tentacle.

Thanks Stephan. The original as ironically found on Parenting Without Tears.

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  • richardginn

    NO PSD… The water distorts everything…..

  • OurJames

    I see baby’s two arms and hands splashing in the water. I see two adult hands holding baby from the back under baby’s armpits. These are attached to nothing I can see. An arm enters the scene from the right and is just sort of there. It can’t possibly be attached to the two adult hands holding baby. 4 hands, 3 arms. I’d say there was a problem with this image.

    • handystl

      B**LS**IT — Dad has a very large hand with 3 finger and 3 opposing thumbs
      I say no fail here

  • stella

    Apparently, they had to photoshop in the two hands – couldn’t have baby nipples in an ad. Darn Censorship Police – it has gotten out of control.

  • steven

    I’d say dad is a ventriloquist, sticking his arm in the back of a baby-like puppet.

  • Jenifer Jeny

    Looking so cute and adorable this baby with this photo fish huggies. Like this attractive and artistic blog, ever.

  • RabbitEars

    Clearly the baby is holding it’s own chest. It’s the splashing arms that have been photoshopped in.

    Or…wait…maybe the Little Swimmers come with hands that hold the baby above water?

  • dma

    Designer: “But sir, the image isn’t right.”
    Know-it-all Client: “I don’t see any problem. You’ve spent too much time on this thing already. No one will notice whatever ‘problem’ you think you see.”
    Designer: “Just let me attach the arms, please”
    Know-it-all Client: “It looks fine I tell you. Send it to press or you won’t get your half payment.”