Marcel: Hands to Hold You Up

A good friend is there to lend a hand, but a great friend gives you both hands and the extra appendage they had handy.

Photoshop Disasters

The girl on the right seems to have the extra arm coming out of her shoulder, but in addition to that disaster, her left hand seems stunted. If you can’t have two functioning limbs, you might as well have three less-than-ideal ones.

Thanks Madeos Images. The original was taken down but can still be found on their servers, found here.

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  • dsu

    I don’t know about that– there could be a midget in the back row.

    I get the impression that the woman holding the “C” is someone’s wife. Everyone else seems to the be a delegate at the “Most Uncomfortable Way to Hold a Cardboard Letter” Convention.

  • Brian Lowry

    The L sign casts no shadow and is terribly cropped all around, especially on the lower edge. Obviously the woman on the right is a three-handed vampire.

  • cath

    The woman holding the “A” also seems to have an awful lot of fingers on her left hand. And the arm that’s coming up from somewhere beside her right ear… I can’t figure out whom it’s attached to.

    • Waldobaby

      That’s because there are two hands there. That makes 11 people and 22 hands. It works. It’s mathematically perfect. Time for a beer.

      • Greenhatter


  • Pedro Hin

    The girl holding the L and the L being held were likely too far to the right, so someone digitally slid them back to the left — poorly, but that could be why. it still looks bad

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    The woman in the back left seems to have an arm growing out of her left breast.

  • Greenhatter

    Marcel comes in handy!