Miyagi prefecture: Asian Flexibility

That’ll teach you to try and look up the skirt of a school girl’s uniform.

Photoshop Disasters

Teen pregnancy is more prevalent in the states, but this school girl looks like she’s well past her third trimester. Still, you have to admire the Japanese’s commitment to their studies.

The photo apparently shows a brochure for a private high school in Miyagi prefecture. Original found by Kotaku

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  • Tobi Wan Kenobi
    • anna

      Thats what I thought at first, but the real arm would be too long, she couldnt reach that far without bending her shoulder :)

      • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

        Do you see how the fake arm’s shoulder is higher than the right arm? It could go connect all the way to the shoulder or at least there might be something to make the shoulder appear unbent. If someone took the time to use a fake arm, they better make it look real.

  • Jonny

    No way you can reach down that far without lowering your shoulder..

    • http://phelps.donotremove.net Phelps

      Wow, I just did something impossible sitting at my desk!

      I’m with Tobi. Real photo of a cheater.

  • David Henderson

    “Get your hand out of my SKIRT!”

  • ek

    Even if it is a fake arm for cheating: bad choice of a Picture for Advertising a private School. does it state “hey, in our School, cheaters are welcome”. then the disaster would be that the arm has not been removed (either way). Anyways, what’s with the fake bodyparts in Asia? A few weeks ago, there was this fake pregnant belly and now an arm for cheating? hmmmm…..

  • Greenhatter

    Anybody, why is Thing hangin´out in this place?

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Miyagi Prefecture is near the Fukushima nuclear plant. The extra limbs are just bizarre results from the radiation.