Model figure: Cute talons

Ever been curious what human hands would look like had we evolved from birds?

Photoshop Disasters

At least this model doesn’t have to worry about someone swiping her clutch from the grip of her talons. Also, is her left arm elongated and bent backwards ala a flamingo’s leg, or am I just going a bit cuckoo today?

Thanks Kawther. You can see the original on Rosa Clara Wedding Designer’s Facebook page.

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  • RabbitEars

    I really think that’s just her hand reflecting off of the bag. Her arm looks strange, sure, but I know many women whose arms bend that way – all of the skinny as a rail. No PSD here I don’t think.

    • dma

      You can see that her arm is twisted the wrong way by the shadowing/highlights around the upper arm muscles. If your “skinny rail” friends also have twisted arms like this, then I will concur that this is NOT a PSD.

  • JeanPing

    Holy cow, she looks like an alien. Yes, her left arm is strange, and I think there’s more to it than that.

  • Bel

    No PSD. So she’s got long fingers, no big deal. And the arm is normal, I just did it and I’m not “skinny as a rail” either. Her upper arm is rotated slightly outward and then her forearm is rotated the other way, not extreme even.

  • pixeldiva

    The right hand looks awkward. However the left arm is oddly proportioned. The forearm isn’t usually twice as long as the upper arm, in humans anyway.

  • Jenifer Jeny

    It’s hand slightly taller from it, because of that looking awkward and ugly but others are fantastic. Alright i think.

  • Tom Harding

    That’s me not sleeping tonight then! Oh the horror.

    I’ll be honest, the hand was the last thing I noticed. She looks like she’s in the final stages of morphing from a flamingo.

  • bebert

    Speaking of birds with long legs, there is another one on the same site which is about as strange:

  • dma

    The highlights/shadowing on her upper arm muscle clearly shows that the arm is twisted around at an odd angle in my opinion. I never even noticed her fingers.