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With the strange anatomy gifted to most models via photoshop, I suspect loping down the runway will eventually replace walking down it.

Photoshop Disasters

The never-ending quest to subtly show off one’s behind always makes a victim of an otherwise natural pose. I always thought the purpose of a little black dress was to make a slim and sleek figure, not to feign a dislocated hip.

Thanks for the find Laura. You can see the original on the Next site.

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  • Twilek

    No PSD, just an awkwardly turned hip…

    • Waldobaby

      Not only “No PSD”, but no PS! How dare these people to post a non-Photoshop pic! That’s even more egregious than using normal people as models. Sheesh!

      • Kookoo

        I hope this is sarcasm. Although judging by the scale of the disaster, I agree – this isn’t Photoshop, it’s probably MS Paint.

        – The wall texture disappearing between the arm and the waist
        – The butt/hip that apparently is a lot like a rubber ball (how do you even put your arm on your hip or butt like that?)
        – The completely unnatural hip position
        It’s a disaster alright.

    • SiMoebus