Quiz: Pamela Anderson and her Unattainable Figure

It’s that time again readers! The female figure has once again left me flabbergasted, and since my mother has demanded I stop asking her advice on these matters, I need your help.

Photoshop Disasters

The page fold obviously skews things, but the hips and legs are the question mark in this scenario. Are we looking at Pamela Anderson’s promising new career as a contortionist, or is the sand and light making matters more confusing than they need to be? Let’s hear your theories in the comments.

Found by Regina. The original was found within Zoomer magazine the July 2013 issue (behind a pay wall).

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  • dkbarto

    Sand and Sun are making it confusing. It is ok.

    • Greenhatter

      My oversee r could not say it better!

  • JarFil

    It is all right, just slightly contorted in a sexually insinuating pose.

    Anyways, who is to tell how flexible she is? I never could bend over to touch my feet, and still can’t, while people do it all around. She may as well be much better than the average at contorting and twisting her ass.

  • RabbitEars

    I think someone cropped out the little boy with the sand pail and shovel that started burying her, starting with her legs.

    • Greenhatter

      The lil boy is still there without kajal, if you do not mind!

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Maybe if the lower half of her legs hadn’t been chopped off.

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    I think it’s just light and shadow creating an optical illusion of sorts. The real question is why anyone would have published a photo so badly done?

    • Greenhatter

      Good question, of sorts.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Is this the first time you have visited PsD?

  • stella

    The bottom part of her legs could be hidden by the sand, and her left (our right) thigh looks oddly shaped because of the shine on one side making part of her thigh almost invisible. so those may no be PsDs. But what is going on with where her thighs meet? (be careful how you answer that – this is a family friendly site, I think). How is there that much sun shining on her right thigh? How far apart are her legs?

    • Greenhatter

      Because she´s a bloody pinoccio all of her life, it´s no mind how much sunlight is payed! I painted her with wood, she´s innocent.

  • Wesley Kime

    None of the above. She’s a mermaid and molting, or transmogrifying, or metamorphosing. Or evolving and has just crawled up out of the sea. Give her 200,000,000 years.

  • Marie Therese

    Her left leg looks like it’s backwards, so she has flamingo legs.

  • PrairiefireOriginal

    I can figure out how the sun and sand could make her left (top) leg look so odd, but for the life of me cannot figure out any no-injury position that would make her right leg (if it is a leg) look like that. It would have to be closer to the camera than her other leg to have the light from above on it, but then how is it attached to her torso, where is the knee, and why is there also light underneath it?

    • RM

      My point exactly in submitting :)

  • Knuffl

    We see pictures like this all the time so we think “Oh, maybe it is possible. Many women looks like this in commercials.” But we should try some poses ourself or we could ask some friends to try it. This can be a funny game I think 😉

  • kris

    this is fine if that is her Calf we’re seeing and not her other thigh. her r leg is hidden behind her. possible?

    • ladycygnus

      It took me a bit – but I think you’re right. The “right leg” is actually her “left calf” (and where it gets bigger at her “stomach” is actually her heel. Her foot up against her true right leg, which is hidden behind that tiny butt. It’s a stretch position, but theoretically possible for someone with moderate flexibility.

  • nyldy

    This is clearly heavily photoshopped. Nobody lies flat on top, tilts their hips up and to the side, and rest on their knees. It just makes no sense. On top of that, her front leg looks kind of wonky, and at the same time, perfectly smooth and flawless. Her back leg can’t possibly exist unless it comes out of her waist. You can’t lie with your legs supposedly mostly together, and then highlight the legs so it just looks like she has a long, cone-shapped, somewhat phallic thing coming out of the bottom of her shirt!