Quiz: Yahoo: The Voice Cracked

A rare appearance from Adam Levine that’s about as natural as what he does in my dreams.

Photoshop Disasters

What say you, readers? Is the Maroon 5 front man transplanted next to his colleagues, or does the red carpet simply follow him everywhere?

Thanks Sydney. You can see the original on Yahoo.

Adam was totally

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  • omnichad

    I thought the red streaks out to the edges were from the red spotlight at the bottom center. I don’t see a carpet – I see ripples like this is a hanging background.

  • joe

    the big guy on the left – who does the second hand on his right shoulder belong to?

    • OurJames

      Ignoring the front row (if you can): Left guy’s right arm passes behind middle guy’s neck and hand is on right guy’s right shoulder. Middle guy’s left hand is on right guy’s right shoulder/neck. Not all hands accounted for, so assume the usual hank-panky.

      • Sav

        Because you can’t see one of Levine’s hands? It’d either be on Daly’s hip or shoulder…. both obscured by Green. The only reason this looks weird at all is because the angle hides his legs behind Christina.

        • OurJames

          No, I was trying to make a little joke about how some PSD readers see “missing” arms/legs/hands etc. as evidence of a PSD, when in fact they are just naturally behind something that keeps them out of view.

  • RabbitEars

    Nothing wrong here – the two hands on the guys shoulders belong to the other two guys in the back. Lighting looks good…background is a hanging curtain with a spotlight…no biggie here.

  • Kidding1962

    Joe–I’m assuming you mean the big guy on the right–Blake Shelton. One of the hands is Carson’s, the other is Adam’s. The only thing I see wrong is that Adam appears legless, but I think it is both a trick of the light and being hidden being Xtina’s giant rear end.

  • Brad

    Wow, lots of people think this is photoshopped. Stop to think, people. If he wasn’t there, why is Carson Daly’s arm in such an awkward position?

    • stella

      I agree. And if he isn’t there, who does the hand on the tall guy’s right shoulder belong to? I think if someone photoshopped Adam in, they wouldn’t have photoshopped the hand on the shoulder.

  • maendy

    The red behind their bodies is weird…indicative of a shop job…also Adam is missing his body lol

    • Sav

      Missing? There are 3 people clustered directly to his left, right and front. How were you expecting to see a lot of his body, especially when his and Daly’s tops are the same colour.

  • Some Funny Guy

    Adam is wearing red hammer pants.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      He can’t touch this.

      • marcy

        But he wants to.

  • PrairiefireOriginal

    This one is a puzzle. Here’s my guess: The actual unretouched photo had only four people in it. The woman and the tall guy on the right were standing closer to the other two than they appear to be in the ‘shopped version. The four-fingered hand on the tall guy’s shoulder belongs to the guy in the white shirt. The artist moved the two pairs of people apart to make a space for Adam, and had to construct the red area, the lower part of the white-shirt guy’s shirt and pants, and the jacket-sleeved arm on the tall guy’s shoulder. He or she guessed at the background’s color, but I think guessed a little too vivid. The artist also guessed wrong about how low the white shirt would be; in the retouched photo, it goes much farther down his torso than it probably did in real life. Adam was shopped into the newly open space in the middle, but then the artist ran out of time, so Adam didn’t get any legs or anything other than a two-dimensional plane in which to exist.

  • Jen

    I think they took someone else out from between the Christina and the tall guy (Blake is it?)