Quiz: Vanity Fair

A most intriguing perspective from the most intriguing star.

Photoshop Disasters

Things always look funny when they’re half-submerged in water, but it looks like an entire dimension has gone missing in the deep end of this pool. What say you, readers?


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  • missy

    i think its her body, water is just wierd

  • OurJames

    Not, IMHO, a PSD.

  • Jenny

    Refraction, guys. The real question is why they wanted to put such a weird effect on their cover.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Yeah, I’d be plenty po’d if my leg was left that distorted.

  • RabbitEars

    I doubt this is a PSD, but her head look awfully big, even with the water distortion on her body. If you look at her shoulder, it comes awfully close to her head and they’re both above water. And does water distortion remove boobs?

  • DMC

    Washington is a very slight woman anyway, the tight swimming costume is flattening her chest, shes being shot from above and the water refraction is doing the rest of the work. Its obviously had the requisite covershot ‘shopping, but its not a disaster. Unless you wanna start a sister blog thats refractedcelebrities.com

  • dma

    I saw this the other day. Her leg is what caught my eye. It looks too big to me. Water refraction and the angle would make it smaller wouldn’t it? I think it would?

    Her thigh looks bigger than her head!