Samsung: Form factor

She looks a little top-heavy to attempt standing in a boat.

Photoshop Disasters

The new Samsung NX300 boasts a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor that’s roughly the size of a small shed. It’s the perfect camera for any budding photographer that dwarfs most coastal towns.

Thanks Aykin for the find! You can see the original on Samsung Türkiye.

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  • Roy Gamsgrø

    So, this is a composite of at least three pictures (the town/sea, the boat and the model), but…
    Hang on. Surely the NX300 isn’t that big, is it? Four pictures?

    And… Is that lens at an off angle compared to the camera body? Five? O.o

    • omnichad

      She could be using a tilt-shift lens. So that odd angle may not mean a separate photo stitched in.

  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    Photoshop doesn’t discriminate against midgets!… or the boat is jolly green giant size 😉

  • Bebert

    I don’t see any boat here, only a hovercraft…

  • Greenhatter

    If you ever heard of CUT and paste, this must be it!!! Btw this fender must weigh a thousand tons.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Among the myriad of oopses found here, my favorite is the presence of the shoreline reflection between the boat and us observers, but no reflection of the boat. The longer I look at this the more goofs I see.

  • Miguel Farah

    Besides the PSDs, the model is holding the camera in an *awful* way. You can tell she’s never used a camera before.

    Also, they SHOULD have erased the black… straps? that are hanging from the camera.

  • RabbitEars

    I’M MELTING…I’M Melting……..