Totino’s: Melted and Cheesy

Pizza Rolls are a fun-time snack that fit in anyone’s hand, be they child, adult, or struggling with a deformed set of digits.

Photoshop Disasters

Totino’s pizza products can be baked or microwaved, but they really recommend you bake them. The crust will be crisper, the heat dispersed more evenly, and repeated exposure to a typical oven doesn’t result in your fingers resembling the burnt cheese that comes out of the microwave.

Thanks Ethan. You can see the original on the Totino’s Facebook page.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    He burned them from trying to eat the pizza rolls without letting them cool the required 30 minutes.

    • Greenhatter

      And then his left arm turned into big hairy sausage. Not to speak of eatable fingers.

  • richardginn

    What is so wrong with kids born with tiny hand from not getting a photo shoot job???

  • teleromeo

    I guess I need new glasses, I read ‘Farty Pizza’.