Vacation Desination: Land of Little Giants

I question vacation destinations that photoshop people having fun.

Photoshop Disasters

Confession: the first disaster I noticed about this picture was that the rope wasn’t properly secured to those two trees. I eventually came to realize that strangely proportioned toddlers had bigger problems.

Thanks Daniel. The original was found in France.

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  • Waldobaby

    Watching Chow Yun-fat movies taught him how to make the rope rigid, and the Chan Kong-sang (Jackie) movies taught him how to get it wedged between two trees.

  • ISD

    Oh it’s a rope. |t first glance I was wondering why a toddler was crouched with a spear ready to catch a fish from a shallow brook where other toddlers were running about. The rope makes much more sense. (?!)

  • komadori

    That’s an amazingly straight and strong tree trunk for a tree growing out of a rock outcrop on the water’s edge.

  • anna

    In the land of giant toddlers, everything is possible :)

  • Lolllama

    Attack on Titan!

  • Greenhatter

    The soft light rays coming out of the wood are nice. C´mon, just a nice composition.