Walmart: The shadow of savings

Terrifyingly, this isn’t the first time dismembered legs have been found at a Walmart.

Photoshop Disasters

A lot of Walmart’s savings come from do-it-yourself furniture construction. This table costs $3.69, but they will only give you about three-fifths of the legs and the ever-present shadow of regret.

Thanks Shawn. You can see the original on Walmart.

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  • omnichad

    It’s not a table, it’s a chair. You can see that in the second image of the product with the armoire door closed. For some reason they left the chair in that photo.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    They also left a ghost of the chair’s outline next to the window. Close enough is good enough apparently.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      That should be Walmart’s new slogan.

  • thesaucer

    while stock lasts

  • Lesley Davis

    When you click through, the photo has a chair in it, which disappears,leaving the two legs, when you zoom. How does that happen? No, seriously, I don’t understand how that happens.

  • Lesley Davis

    The “Video” is interesting, too…

  • Greenhatter

    That´ll do for the f*ckers anyhow!