Amazon: Black and White: Somewhere in-between

Sloppy photoshop, or avant-garde criticism of race relations?

Photoshop Disasters

Mixing colour photos with black and white ones can be a bit of a grey area. But, if you’re going to do it, try and avoid making the model look like she dipped her fingers in flesh-coloured ink.

Thanks Laurie. You can see the original on Amazon.

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  • richardginn

    The whole gallery is full of PSD magic…..

  • dma

    Although I did have a cat with milk dipped paws. He was the sweetest little thing. Stinky was his name…

    Looks like sloppy use of liquify on her buttock as well. I think we’ll name her “Lumpy.” Think she likes string?

  • Chico

    At the website things get even worse.

  • Vich

    If you look at the black top on the ad (the second from the right) her hand vanishes and is replaced by what looks like a waste bin!

    • komadori

      That’s not a bin – it’s part of somebody’s leg.