Botox: Wrinkle Rewind

I’m not sure wrinkled 20-year-olds are the ideal audience for Botox treatments

Photoshop Disasters

I thought that this advertisement was trying to get away with a photoshopped “before” image, but there’s a disclaimer stating that a) it’s a synthesized image and b) that these are not typical results.

Well, I’d hope these aren’t typical results.

Nice find Emmanuelle! You can see the before and after images on FindBeautyTruth.

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  • RabbitEars

    Wha……my brain hurts. :-

  • jdm8

    That’s so dumb, I can’t plumb its depth with words.

  • Andulamb

    Um, it IS the “before” image. She has wrinkles, a white line passes over her face, and then she has no wrinkles. It’s pretty clear, really.

    • En Ding Ding Värld

      Not even my grandma (god bless her soul) had those wrinkles…

  • Nicewriter

    Those wrinkles look like shockwaves from an earthquake.

  • Crazy M

    Because it’s really hard to get a actual old person. In fact old people are becoming extinct.

    • CoreyShaughnessy

      They’re not becoming extinct, they’re getting BOTOX!